Monthly Archives: January 2015

Happy Birthday to Me! (Not Really)


Thursday was my birthday. Tuesday, my boss called to tell me I was being laid off. After the shock wore off the crying started and lasted much longer than I would have liked. I’ve spent the last seven years working from home and truly enjoyed the freedom that allowed. Tuesday the rug was pulled out from beneath me. My birthday was not very happy–Riley was on a three-day field trip with school and I was here all alone…staring at my computer not knowing what in the hell I was supposed to do. I began searching websites for jobs, but quickly discovered that there aren’t that many editorial jobs open here in our little town of New Bern.

Thankfully, I have plenty of friends who immediately started sending texts and e-mails filled with job search websites and other job postings. One friend sent me a link to a company here in town looking for a part-time copywriter to help with blog entries and web content creation. I thought, “What the hell…” and sent in my newly revamped resume with my fingers crossed. This opportunity sure would beat the other job I applied for–an administrative assistant at Cherry Point Air Station.

I have a lunch interview with the owner on Wednesday. My fingers are crossed for a good outcome. I would love nothing better than not having to rely on unemployment checks for the next 15 weeks. Oh, and it would also be awesome for my boss to discover that I wasn’t on the market long…that someone else appreciates what I can do much more than he did.