Monthly Archives: January 2012

Um, I Haven’t Forgotten…


That I have a blog. I didn’t really care for Blogger and posting images became a real pain in the ass so I just avoided the whole process. Enter WordPress. So far, I think it’s much easier to navigate and knowing code is not necessary to post, so, that’s a plus. My blog will live here from now on…I think.

The past five months have really been a blur of school, work, taekwondo classes and tournaments, work, swimming lessons, Brownies (but thank God for the cookies!), more work, family visits, urgent care clinic visits, work, holiday parades, volunteer opportunites, work, and reading (yeah, like I really have time anymore).

We got a dog, Piper, from the local animal shelter in August. I don’t know what drew me to the shelter that day, but I felt I just had to go. I noticed she was the only dog not barking–she just sat there, looking at me with the sweetest eyes. I played with her a bit and fell in love. The name Piper came to me before I even laid a hand on her. Turns out she was adopted from the shelter as a puppy, but returned by her owner because she was getting too big.

Sweet little girl waiting for a home.

Making herself right at home.

When we brought her home, she was 20 pounds and estimated to be six or seven months old. Now, five months later, she’s 45 pounds and a bundle of energy–completely earning her nickname, Hyper Piper.

Loving the back yard.

Piper enjoying the back yard.

She’s completely changed our lives–we love her tremendously. The cats? Not so much. Bailey tolerates her, but Sophie lets her know who really rules this house.