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Ready for Halloween, Excited About Zombies and Finding a Black Widow in Your Breakfast Treat


Happy Halloween!!! Okay, I’m a bit early, but it’s my favorite holiday and our decorations have been up since the end of September. Last night we enjoyed the Fall Festival at the YMCA–Riley played in a few bouncy-houses, painted a pumpkin and we all went on a hayride. Very cute.

Today we drove downtown and went to the pumpkin patch at Christ Episcopal Church. I’m in love with this church (it’s the oldest in town) and we had a great time finding the perfect pumpkins.

Decisions, decisions…

Well, that’s one way to display pumpkins!

A playground right next to 300-year-old graves.

The grounds of the church.

The front door of Christ Episcopal.

During a recent trip to our one-and-only bookstore, I found myself in heaven–a huge Halloween display with so many wonderful reads…

See what I mean?

Ahh, “The Walking Dead” series…
can’t wait to watch this next Sunday!

And…in other news: A couple of weeks ago we went to Emerald Isle to enjoy a day at the beach and walked down to the pier. Too many fishermen, but it was worth walking through them all for the amazing view at the end…

View from the end of the pier back to the beach.

There had to be about 30 surfers enjoying the
waves kicked up by the tropical storm.

If you have really great eyesight, you should be able to
see about 15 dolphins swimming just past the pier.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Riley was up early, as usual, before school and eating breakfast. She really wanted some grapes so Charles pulled the bag out of the refrigerator, pulled out the grapes, washed them off in the sink and put them in a small bowl for her. Maybe 10 minutes later she comes running to Charles: “Dad!! There’s a spider in my grapes!”

What the …?!?

In case you can’t tell from the photo, that’s a Black Widow. Yes. In. Her. Grapes. What if she’d eaten it? The lesson here, kids? Even washing your fruit does not guarantee that a spider won’t end up hanging out with you at breakfast. Be careful!

Several days ago we made the decision that the van had to go. She’s old and falling apart–plus, we really don’t need something that big anymore. We traded her in for a Hyundai Santa Fe and came out with lower monthly payments and cut our interest rate in half!

The new car.

Things to note and other fun facts:

  • Don’t forget that what could be one of the best TV shows ever is premiering Halloween night on AMC–“The Walking Dead.” Added bonus: It’s directed and created by Frank Darabont! I will be glued to the screen!! Oh, and here’s a fan-made intro for the series–so cool!
  • Baba Ghanouj  is very good…and my six-year-old child loved it! Great recipe here.
  • Did you know that Michael J. Fox wasn’t the original Marty McFly? I had no idea! See orginial footage with Eric Stoltz here.
  • Are you a die-hard Democrat like me? Do you need a good laugh? Watch “I’m Voting Republican.”
  • I want Charles do make breakfasts like this for me. The Angry Birds one is my favorite.
  • These vintage ads are hilarious! What were they thinking?