Monthly Archives: November 2009

The Excitement is Killing Me!


I’m very excited–only five more days until the release of Under the Dome, the latest from Stephen King!! I feel like Christmas is coming early…


Check Ya Later, Halloween!

Well, another Halloween has come and gone. Riley had a full day on Saturday: Karate, a birthday party and then Trick-or-Treating with her cousin Ann.

The birthday party was for her school-friend, Abby, and featured a fun carnival theme. Unfortunately, the weather was quite cool and misty the entire time, but the kids didn’t mind a bit. Most of the parents huddled by a fire pit to keep ourselves nice and warm.

Riley and Paul on the swings.

Paul, Riley and Alex wating on cupcakes.

Riley’s cousin, Ann.

Riley and Ann help Grandma prepare their supper.

Grandma & Papa’s dog, Snowy.

One very cute skeleton and an
adorable Minnie Mouse!

Halloween was a long, full day, but we all had a wonderful time. Riley’s already planning next year’s costume. Right now, it’s a werewolf, but last night it was a zombie. I’m sure she’ll change her mind hundreds of times between now and next October–that’s the beauty of being a kid!