Monthly Archives: September 2009

Maybe We Should Buy a Boat…


As most of you know, the Atlanta area received rain of biblical proportions this week. Riley was out of school for two days and Charles was unable to get to work during the same period due to hundreds of road closures–including major interstates I-20 and I-285. I read on a local news site that Powder Springs (our little town) got 20.1 inches of rain in just over 24 hours. Incredible!

Downtown Powder Springs, Austell and Hiram were the hardest hit. I found a great video that shows just some of the flooding in the area. We were big news, I saw reporters on The Weather Channel, CNN, Fox, The Today Show and Good Morning America all reporting from our area. I also found a great photo gallery on the AJC’s Web site.

Here are some pics Charles took on Monday while trying to get Riley to school (she didn’t stay long–they got out early due to flooding and the ever-worsening road conditions).


She’s Ready!


Riley is definitely ready for Halloween. She already decided her costume and we bought it a few days ago…

I think she’ll make one cute skel-til-on (Riley speak for “skeleton”)!