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Pure Joy


This picture is only worth two words: “Pure joy.”


Double the Trouble / Swimming Lessons

Having two computers in the house is causing issues. I’ve discovered that trying to keep track of photos, e-mails, documents and other such madness is becoming a real hassle. My computer is a “company” device, but I still have plenty of pictures on it–most downloaded from my iPhone.
I’ll often sit down at our “home” computer and realize what I’m looking for is actually on the other laptop. Bother. I then trudge upstairs, find what I need and e-mail the files to my device. I don’t know why, but I feel more comfortable using my laptop–probably because I’m on it 8 to 10 hours a day!

Another reason I prefer my own computer could be that Charles has set the resolution on our home computer to a size that only a hawk could properly read. Jeez, my vision must be really bad because I can’t read a damn thing on the screen! If I change the resolution to a size that an actual human being can read, Charles becomes frustrated. Ugh!

In more positive news, Riley began swimming lessons this week. Most of the other kids are much more advanced, but she’s coming along–slowly. First class, first request by the teacher was to go underwater so she could see how long they could stay under. Riley just sits there, looking at her like she’s completely nuts. She never did put her face in the water, but practiced kicking and strokes.

Riley’s class at the pool.

Riley working with her teacher.

The second day of class was better–after about 30 minutes of stalling–Riley finally put her face in the water for about half a second. She inhaled water and was choking and coughing…I think she panicked a bit. Later, she told Charles she “drowned” during her class. So dramatic.

“Look, Mom, I got my face wet!”