Monthly Archives: May 2009

If Only…


How cool would it be to have the money to purchase this beauty? That and if I had the money to put that red Porche in the famous garage. Hey, maybe it’s still in the woods–right where Cameron left it?


Those Came Out of Where?


Okay…I think I truly had a panic attack today before the splints were removed. I took a Percocet about 45 minutes before the procedure, but I was still a mess. The doc came in and took a look, sprayed two types of medicine up my nose and noticed that I was not good.

He told me I would more than likely pass out–I know, what great bedside-manner, huh?–and told me to lean back while he cut the stitches. Just cutting those hurt. At this point, I really lost it. I was terrified, but embarrassed–I was acting like a small child and I could not control myself.

He pulled those things out and, honestly, it was pretty bad. I did not pass out, but came close. Here’s what he took out of my nose.

I’d guess these things were about 4.5 inches long and 0.5 inches wide on the flat side. Waaaayyy too big to be in my nose. Trust me, I felt every bit of them as they slid out of my nostrils.

My eye still looks rough. The doc swears it has nothing to do with the surgery and told me to see an optomologist if it doesn’t get better in the next week or so.

Light at the End of the Tunnel…


Well, things have not been so great the last few days. I’m writing this now on a break from my pain meds–once I take them, I become exhausted and drunk-sounding…pretty much useless!

The pain has been horrible and my medication wasn’t really doing the trick. On Sunday morning I called my doc because I had several burst blood vessels in my right eye, my vision was blurry and I was also quite dizzy. He told me to go directly to the ER to get checked out because those symptoms aren’t normal in the post-op recovery period.

I was at the hospital for over five hours and got a CT scan–the scan showed just severe swelling which was, most likely, causing my pain. I got new pain medication that works much better–it’s not 100%, but it’s much better than what I was on before. My eyes are still blurry and look horrible, but I’m hoping that won’t last much longer.

Tomorrow I’m scheduled to have the splints taken out and my doc (and the doc at the ER) says that I will see tremendous improvement once those are out and the doc suctions all the gunk out of my nose. Unfortunately, someone online equated the splint removal to childbirth. Not good. I’m so, so scared.

Fun times.