Construction, Preschool, Bowling & Football–You Gotta Love Fall!

I haven’t posted in a while–I guess I’ve just been a little lazy. Charles and I re-painted the kitchen a couple of weeks ago and then, the very next weekend, ripped up the old flooring. We replaced the ugly floor with great wood laminate flooring that will be so easy to take care of. The entire kitchen looks almost new! I don’t have any “before” or “after” pictures–it didn’t even occur to me to take any! I now have a “red” kitchen too–new cookware, plates, dishtowels, canisters, etc. I love it!

Riley started back at preschool last Tuesday and already has a head-cold. Yuck! Welcome to the new school year! She has a new teacher this year and, so far, is enjoying her and getting along well with her classmates.

A proud Riley on her first day at school last week.

We went bowling this weekend at a new “Stars & Strikes” that opened near our house and I quickly realized that “real” bowling is not as easy as Wii bowling! I was absolutely terrible, Charles was pretty good and Riley couldn’t even lift the ball! I much prefer bowling in my own living room–Riley agrees with me.

As for this weekend, all I can say is, “Thank God for football!” Finally, the season starts and I’m practically giddy! Remember, real women watch football.


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