Our Little Cowgirl


Not too much to report, but I have tons of photos from this past weekend. We traveled up to Tennessee to visit and to bring some furniture back from Alma’s house. We worked all day Saturday loading a U-Haul to drive back to Atlanta.

We had a great trip–especially Riley. She got to saddle up at Papa Burn’s house and loved every minute of it!

Papa Burn (my dad) helps Riley saddle up.
I just love this picture–she’s so happy!
She was a natural!
Here’s the total cowgirl pose.
Riley poses with Papa Burn.
She was really hamming it up!
Cactus Jack (the donkey) and his best girl.

My absolute favorite photo of Riley!

For a while now, a group of donkeys have been living in the field directly across from my grandmother Alma’s house. We often walk across the road to check them out, give them a bit of attention and feed them some treats.

A few of the donkey’s in the field
across from Alma’s house…
Riley loves to go and feed them treats.
They love to eat them!
(Pretty aggressive about it, actually.)
This red donkey was my favorite–such
a great personality and so pretty!
This little Jack is only two weeks old!
Riley was so proud of her new Crocs and all
the Jibbitz she has collected. She just had to show them off.
Riley also got to play with a new
friend–Shawn (Dennis’ grandson.)

Now for just a few random shots from the weekend–Charles did a great job taking pictures with the new digital SLR camera:

The view from my parent’s front yard.
The view from the back yard.
Mom’s garden (looking through the gazebo).
Another view from the gazebo.
Doug’s newest cabin–it even has an “upstairs!”
View from the cabin’s window.


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