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My Current Fix


Call me obsessed, but I’ve listened to this song (and watched the video) a hundred times since it came out–Ladytron’s new album, “Velocifero.” There’s just something about this band–check out their other albums “The Witching Hour,” “Light and Magic,” etc. and you just might get hooked as well.

Click here to listen to, and watch the video for, “Ghosts.”


See Rock City!


We had a spectacular Father’s Day! Originally, we had no plans and expected to spend the day relaxing at home, but Sunday morning, at about 10:00am, Charles just looked over at me and said, “Let’s go to Chattanooga.” We hopped in the car and did the whole “tourist” thing in the city–we visited Lookout Mountain, Rock City and Ruby Falls.

We had such a great time and Riley was thrilled to ride the Incline Railway and “go exploring” in the cave. She was amazed–as were we! Lots of pictures for you:

Car heading up the mountain.
View from inside the tram.
Charles & Riley on top of Lookout Mountain.
View from the top of the mountain.
Looking down the track from the top of the mountain.
Cool rock formations at Rock City.

Random flowers at Rock City.
Charles & Riley on the swinging bridge.
The view from underneath the bridge.
Lovers Leap at Rock City–the postcard shot.
Charles & Riley on top of Lovers Leap.
More beautiful sites at Rock City.
A very narrow passage at Rock City.
Charles and the 100-ton rock.

The entrance to Fairyland Caverns.
Making our way into Fairyland Caverns.
The journey to Ruby Falls was way cool…
In all her glory…Ruby Falls.
They had some wicked-cool lighting down there.
Neat area outside the entrance to the falls.

Riley playing outside the Tennessee Aquarium after dinner at Big River Grill.

I took a bazillion pictures–can you believe these are only a fraction of what’s on my camera? I will leave you with one interesting photo. It was taken at Rock City in their “Fairyland Caverns” area–call us dirty-minded, but we were both quite amused (Riley kept asking what was so funny).

I thought this was a family-oriented establishment!

That’s all for now–hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day!!