Monthly Archives: April 2008

Vegas, Baby!


I just got back from Las Vegas last night and I’m definitely glad to be home. I was there to attended a trade show for my new job with and I finally got to meet my employers and co-workers. Most of us had spoken on the phone or via computer before, but it was nice to be able to put faces to names.

Part of the group at dinner inside the Excalibur.

My hotel at night.

We all stayed at the Excalibur, but the show was at Mandalay Bay. I thought everything was within walking distance in Vegas, but that is so not the case. Each day, it took me about 30 minutes to get from my hotel to the show floor–and the Luxor is the only hotel between the two! Another thing I learned this week is that nothing is cheap in Vegas. If you want a deal, you must go way off the strip.

Here are some examples of really ridiculous prices: $12.99 access (per day) for an Internet connection in my room; one bottle of Gatorade was $3.00; a 23oz. beer was $11.00; and $25.00 to $30.00 for the typical buffet dinner. I guess I’m just cheap, but I thought the prices were crazy.

We had a great show and I learned much during my few days there. I’m really liking my job and hope that I can get up to speed quickly and take over more and more responsibilities! I know I can do this!

Okay, here are a few more photos from this week, including the highlight of my trip to Vegas. (Hint: I was born on the same day as the “impersonator” that I couldn’t wait to see…)

Can you go to Vegas and not see one of these guys somewhere?
The House of Blues inside Mandalay Bay.
The Casino inside the Excalibur.
The view from my hotel room.
Another shot from my room.
View from the walkway to the tram.

I’m really excited about one of the items I brought back for Riley–I just think it’s too cool for school…

It’s Jake and Elwood! Be honest…is this not kick-a** for a four year old?

I must go back to Vegas with Charles–when I’ll have time to go out and really have some fun. On this trip, I only gambled once at Mandalay Bay, but I turned $5.00 into $40.00 in less than five minutes. I was just too busy to do anything other than work!